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  1. How not to assemble and install control arms
  2. How not to install MC
  3. Trans Dowels are Important.
  4. How not to install Nitrous on an import
  5. How not to install brakes
  6. omg Im an Idiot.
  7. Brake fittings.
  8. How not to take care of your AODE
  9. How not to use a torque wrench
  10. painting taillight 94-95 taillight bezels=fail!
  11. jack stands + grass = fail
  12. always make sure..
  13. How to remove downpipe bolts.
  14. LCA's and quad shocks
  15. unsprung spring
  16. Wrong spot for a Jack
  17. Lowered cars and alignment racks
  18. how not to change your oil
  19. Dont EVER Use PB Blaster on your door locks.
  20. Nitrous Do Not's
  21. How to NOT Change Your Valve Seals
  22. How not too change your coolant
  23. How to make your MAF worse
  24. Guess this "What not to do!!!"
  25. How not to remove your alternator...
  26. Don't do a burnout longer then 1min30sec Without Line Lock