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  • August 2016 ROTM - white95

    For August Ride Of The Month we had a photo contest with the theme of side shots! There was a fantastic amount of participation this month and the winner ended up being white95! Congrats!

    The Unicorn

    The coolest, ugly car [or ugliest, cool car?] on SN95forums!!!

    List of current and pending mods:

    The 410w
    (4.040 x 4.00)

    - EZ6M-6015-G351 SVO block, 4-bolt mains
    - Eagle ESP 4340 Forged crank, internally balanced
    - Eagle ESP H-beam rods, Forged
    - JE/SRP Pistons (-19 cc dished pistons/10.9:1 ratio)
    - ARP fasteners throughout
    - Canton 7 qt oil pan
    - CNC ported Procomp 210 cc heads
    - 2.02 x 1.60 stainless valves
    - PRW 1.6 ratio RR
    - Trick Flow stage 3 cam
    - Comp Cams link bar, roller lifters
    - Comp Cams pushrods
    - ARP head bolts
    - Edelbrock valve covers
    - Trick Flow Specialties R intake
    - 70 mm throttle body
    - #42 injectors
    - Custom Fenderwell type CAI with card type MAS
    - Aeromotive fuel rails/black fuel lines/fittings
    - AEM fuel pressure regulator
    - 190 lph in-tank pump
    - '95 Lightning distributor
    - MSD cap/rotor/coil
    - FRPP plug wires
    - T4M0 ECU with Moates Quarterhorse
    - BBK 1 3/4" longtube headers
    - Prochamber, 2.5"


    - Tremec 3550
    - Pro 5.0 shifter with Hurst handle
    - Spec Stage 2+ clutch
    - Adjustable clutch cable
    - Steeda double hook quadrant
    - 8.8 with rebuilt traction-lock
    - 3.73 gears
    - FRPP aluminum driveshaft

    Front suspension:

    - QA1 tubular crossmember
    - Koni DA struts
    - Griggs Racing GR40 coil overs (350# coils)
    - Griggs Racing GR40 control arms
    - Energy suspension end links/sway bar bushings
    - 95 Cobra front sway bar
    - Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors

    Rear suspension:

    - BBK 1.5" specific rate coils
    - tubular Upper and Lower control arms
    - 96 cobra rear sway bar
    - Bilstein HD shocks

    Wheels and tires:

    - staggered black Saleen reps in 18x9 & 18x10
    - Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 275/35r18 & 295/35r18's

    The most confused interior ever:

    - Corbeau Forza Sport driver's seat
    - grey '98 GT cloth passenger seat
    - porno red '95 GT rear seat
    - LED instrument cluster bulbs
    - ebony dash board, door panels
    - charcoal carpet, kick panels, quarter trim & console


    - vertical, export tail lights
    - possibly the fugliest Cobra front bumper in existence
    - S-351 wing
    - 3" Cobra R hood
    - Cobra headlights
    - horrible paint
    - painted gas tank cover
    - hood pins


    - Alpine CDA-9855
    - Alpine S-type 6x8 (door)
    - Rockford Fosgate 6x8 (deck)
    - Viper Alarm

    Suspension/brake/chassis pending installation:

    - Maximum Motorsports K-member/tubular control arms
    - Maximum Motorsports RA3 struts and RA2 shocks
    - Maximum Motorsports coil overs (front and rear)
    - Maximum Motorsports Race shock mounts
    - Maximum Motorsports lower shock mount
    - Maximum Motorsports HD Torque Arm
    - Maximum Motorsports/Autopower race roll bar with diagonal brace/harness bar
    - Maximum Motorsports braided brake hoses
    - FTR S550 GT caliper/GT500 14" rotor brake kit
    - Baer Eradispeed +1, 13" rotor kit for the rear
    - FTR Watts link + LPW Ultimate 8.8 differential cover
    - FTR bash bar
    - FTBR supplied FRPP hubs with 3" ARP studs
    - 96-98 spindles

    Engine parts pending installation:

    - AFR 205 heads (58cc) with Lunati LSx valve springs
    - Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers
    - Edelbrock Super Victor EFI intake/3848 elbow
    - Siemens 60# injectors
    - Accufab 90mm throttle body
    - custom Lunati cam from Ed Curtis at FTI
    - Aeromotive 340 lph pump
    - Black valve covers plumbed for remote PCV

    Interior/exterior parts pending installation:

    - Agent 47 naca duct quarter window panels
    - Corbeau Forza Sport seats
    - mint FR500 steering wheel
    - manual window doors
    - Aerocatch hood latches
    - retrofit Cobra lights (black housing/white shields)
    - black door sill/scuff plates
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    1. Frank.JD.Perez's Avatar
      Frank.JD.Perez -
      LOL! This is awesome hahah congrats Josef
    1. B.mad's Avatar
      B.mad -
    1. 95Opal347's Avatar
      95Opal347 -
      Great win for The Unicorn, Josef!
    1. white95's Avatar
      white95 -
      Quote Originally Posted by 95Opal347 View Post
      Great win for The Unicorn, Josef!
      Thanks T-dog
    1. Mustanger's Avatar
      Mustanger -
      Congrats White!!! Nice mods coming...I can hear it screaming through the gears now! Get to work! LOL...
    1. Defiant's Avatar
      Defiant -
      I don't think this car is ugly that's a bit unfair to call it that tbh. It's just rough around the edges but he's working on it so respek there boi. How many beat up pos civics and s13 drift mizzles I see around town this would be a sight for sore eyes. Keep up the work dude
    1. from6to8's Avatar
      from6to8 -
      who's car actually is this? I think I shared a conversation with the owner before. Was trying to figure out how much HP and torque he made with that setup.