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    disappointed with FTR

    Developing an awesome part and producing an awesome part are two totally different things. I can develop crap all day but of it dosent work as intended

    95opal Today, 08:54 AM Go to last post

    My "re" build thread - Trick flow/turbo build

    no, both sides stick out a good 1/2” past fender and never did before. I think my only options are to take A-arms back off and go with the fox arms

    97stanger Today, 06:54 AM Go to last post

    The Monkey's house build thread

    Just went through your whole thread. I haven't been around the forum as much as I used too so I am missing a lot..

    first off, CONGRATULATIONS!

    B.mad Today, 02:52 AM Go to last post

    New Edge Retrofits Thread

    If customer wants, customer gets! Lol. You would cringe on how much you have to cut to fit the D2S projectors. These things are massive!!!

    B.mad Today, 02:29 AM Go to last post

    Madd Motorsports Time Attack and Autocross Build

    I didn't ask for directions, so I can't answer that. But he provides rivet nuts and bolts. So I assume that you mount it to the bumper cover and gas tank

    B.mad Today, 02:28 AM Go to last post

    pics of myne!

    tell me about it!!!! old out and now waiting for a friend to come over and hold the window while I get the new one in place.

    SnakeBit! Today, 01:10 AM Go to last post
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  • September 2016 ROTM - Mustanger

    September's ROTM challenge was to post a picture of your car with an Americian flag! At the end of the month we have a winner who won by 1 vote! Congrats Mustanger!

    My car has the full Eibach Prokit Plus Suspension lowered 1.5" all around, MM LCA's, Buillitt/Cobra Brakes with Baer Decelerotors Rotors & Hawk HPS pads. 95 Cobra Master Cylinder, Steeda CC plates & Steeda Clutch Quad, MM firewall adjuster MM Clutch cable, FR500 Steering wheel which I love. I added the Super White LED's to my dash to turn them Blue, A Raptor Blue LED shift light on my steering column, Ford Racing 3:55 gears, Clear Cobra style Black refelector headlights, MM full length subframes, BBK Chrome CAI, Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks waiting to go in the rear, Offroad BBK H Pipe & Magnapack cat back. One of my favorite mods is the Hurst Line Lock!! I have a ton of fun with that & makes it so easy to do the burnouts! I have 315's in back & 275's in front on 17" DD Bullitts...I am partially through adding the full Roush SN95 Bodykit and styling it after the 360R series car...the paint is still about a 9 IMO & the interior is a 9 also...Will be doing the TMI Sport 500 Lowback seats soon. Engine wise still stock running good at 170,000K miles!

    I have a new Ford Racing E Cam & a 95 Cobra intake also waiting to go on...need to get a few supporting mods like the bigger fuel pump, 24 # injectors, I have 65MM Ford Racing throttle body new OEM on the shelf but will have to pick up a MAF and a SCT to tune it with. I have pretty much decided on the AFR Renegade 165 Aluminum heads for it along with a 30 overbore for a 306CCI engine.

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      WooHoo! Thank you all! It was close because of all the good cars here! I feel very honored to be in this company!! Bless you all! Walt
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