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  • September 2016 ROTM - Mustanger

    September's ROTM challenge was to post a picture of your car with an Americian flag! At the end of the month we have a winner who won by 1 vote! Congrats Mustanger!

    My car has the full Eibach Prokit Plus Suspension lowered 1.5" all around, MM LCA's, Buillitt/Cobra Brakes with Baer Decelerotors Rotors & Hawk HPS pads. 95 Cobra Master Cylinder, Steeda CC plates & Steeda Clutch Quad, MM firewall adjuster MM Clutch cable, FR500 Steering wheel which I love. I added the Super White LED's to my dash to turn them Blue, A Raptor Blue LED shift light on my steering column, Ford Racing 3:55 gears, Clear Cobra style Black refelector headlights, MM full length subframes, BBK Chrome CAI, Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks waiting to go in the rear, Offroad BBK H Pipe & Magnapack cat back. One of my favorite mods is the Hurst Line Lock!! I have a ton of fun with that & makes it so easy to do the burnouts! I have 315's in back & 275's in front on 17" DD Bullitts...I am partially through adding the full Roush SN95 Bodykit and styling it after the 360R series car...the paint is still about a 9 IMO & the interior is a 9 also...Will be doing the TMI Sport 500 Lowback seats soon. Engine wise still stock running good at 170,000K miles!

    I have a new Ford Racing E Cam & a 95 Cobra intake also waiting to go on...need to get a few supporting mods like the bigger fuel pump, 24 # injectors, I have 65MM Ford Racing throttle body new OEM on the shelf but will have to pick up a MAF and a SCT to tune it with. I have pretty much decided on the AFR Renegade 165 Aluminum heads for it along with a 30 overbore for a 306CCI engine.

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      WooHoo! Thank you all! It was close because of all the good cars here! I feel very honored to be in this company!! Bless you all! Walt
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