01 Cobra Vortech Tune Results.

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    Took my 01 down to EFI Performance in Richmond and had FlimFlam Tuning strap her up to the dyno yesterday. I drove the car from southern md (about 1.5 hours) with the base tune that was emailed and all went well there.

    He did three pulls. First one blew smoke under boost from the residual blowby sitting in the lower intake and I guess it was cleared out. The second pull didn't smoke which was a huge relief but the 325lph duty cycle pegged and fuel pressure dropped like a rock around 6Krpm. We came to the conclusion the plastic fuel line must have been split somewhere from my deleting the pprv. The second pull made the most power. Third pull he took out a coupledegrees of timing and set the rev limiter at 5k until I can get the issue resolved and go back to tuning. Even with all of that going on and only 11* total timing this thing put down some impressive numbers....


    The tuner said with fuel pump resolved and proper timing it could end up in the mid 500s. I had my guesses as to what it'd do but I didn't think it'd be to the point where I need to put the larger pulley on it to stay under 500whp.
    Can't wait to feel 6600rpm. What do you guys think? Here's the work and mods I've done.

    Vortech V2-SC aftercooled centri blower.
    (3.33 pulley)
    Self built fully forged teksid.
    Canton windage tray
    Self ported heads/lower intake cut open/ported
    (Stock 01 cams)
    MMR cam bolt spacers
    MMR secondary tensioner flip mod
    Upper intake spacer
    Long tubes
    Mac pro chamber to 12" resos
    SCT BA3000 MAF
    Decca 60# injectors
    Aeromotive 325
    Stock 327 gears W IRS.
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