1994 GT alarm install, car wont start. Help ASAP


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Mar 9, 2014
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Ok so my car came with factory alarm, and the previous owner lost the remote and cut the siren so the only way to start it up is to press the valet button. Whether or not that came factory i dont know but the brain is a ford brain. I installed a crime stopper alarm. I noticed in the alarms diagram it says for the ignition to be to a relay. Dont know if the car has a relay, i am pretty sure it does. But anyways the alarm doesnt turn on and the car doesnt either yet its all getting power. So bad brain? i am not sure because when i disconnect the harness, the car still does not turn on. I am pretty dam confused here.


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Oct 9, 2009
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Evansville Indiana
Ford did not have an alarm in 94. They had a keyless entry but it didn't have a siren nor a valet button. It was not uncommon at the time for the dealership to have an installer that would come and install an alarm for them when needed but it is not a ford part, could be anything.

The relay the alarm manual is talking about is a starter kill relay. Its possible that your previous alarm installer put one in but there was not one stock. Either way the relay stays connected until the alarm is activated and you have powered that wire to the relay(normally orange) but if you did not hook it up then the starter kill relay, even if it was installed would not stop you from starting the car(unless its a really old code alarm piece which is possible).

Alarm/security is considered the more advanced side of car audio install. I didn't do my first alarm(in my 94 gt) until I was istalling full time for almost 8 months and had a trained expert sitting in the pass seat to tell me when I was going to screw up. Its really easy to not connect a wire, or short something out and your car is stuck unable to start. Could be a bad brain but more then likely I hate to say its installer err. Maybe if you get some pics of what you have I can try and help but honestly myself when this stuff comes into my shop I just cut everything out and started new...

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