1995 GT Cranks, Runs Great for a Few, Then Shuts Off

Wood's 5.0

Sep 27, 2016
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South Carolina
Need some help, please. The MCA Grand National in Myrtle Beach is in 5 days and now this happens. Car cranks and runs perfectly for about 3 minutes then shuts off. I can re-start but check engine light is on, sounds and feels like is running on 3-5 cylinders, and have to hold throttle down to keep running. Feels to me like a fire (or lack thereof) issue. Bro-in-law (senior master technician) works for Ford, brought home a NGS/Star tester, hooked it up, gave code #30, then says can't communicate. When it shuts off, the fan comes on. He said he's really not sure what's up but is leaning towards the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM). Good fuel pressure and fuel pressure holds after car shuts off. Had a similar problem in April prior to the St. Augustine show. Cap and rotor were suspect so I changed them out with DUI brass terminal cap and new button. Car ran perfectly, no hiccups, drove to FL (350 miles one-way) and back without a hitch. I checked the same this time but the cap and rotor still look new. I don't drive the car much at all anymore but it shouldn't mess-up from sitting just 5 months. The battery was dead but charged right up so I'm at a loss. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Hate to have my car running this way let alone missing a MCA show when it's less than a hour from my house. Can let it cool down or sit for a bit, re-crank, and same all over again; runs perfectly for a few, then goes to acting up. My question is why does it run fine for a minute then go crazy? I'm stumped; please help.
Just found out from the Ford dealer that a new CCRM is still available. List is $375 but I can get for less than $300. I hate to throw money at something that may or may not fix the issue. If the CCRM was definitively the culprit then it would be on the way now. Bad thing is once I buy it, I own it. Can't trial and error this one. Have any of you experience a similar issue? And why does the fan come on when it shuts off?

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