2004 Mach 460 and PIE Adapters

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    Alright, I may have just pissed away some money. I'm the proud owner of two PIE aux adapters. Neither one work with the Mach 460 in my '04 Convertible. One adapter is model: FRD04-AUX(waste of money) and the other is FRD03-AUX(might not be a waste). I've read that the FRD03-AUX/S works. I never found anything about the one without the S. I tried the FRD03-AUX and, it plugs in correctly but, the smaller plug just plugs into the stereo and the other end isn't plugged into anything. The larger fat plug is good.

    It looks like this: [​IMG] except the RCA jacks are on a length of cable instead of being mounted into the box.

    The fat plug is like this: FRD03-AUX fat plug into stereo ---> factory fat plug from Mustang.
    The smaller plug is like this: FRD-AUX small plug into stereo ---> nothing plugged into the other end.

    My theory for the reason the adapter isn't working(and my stereo says "No Sat" or pressing the CD/Aux button does nothing) is simple. The smaller plug is actually the satellite wiring. Since it's not actually plugged into anything to give the head unit a signal to switch(besides the one end plugged into the head unit).

    I really hope this helps. I have a road trip down to Florida and would love not having to burn my iTunes library onto CD's.

    It also seems the Mach460 in the 2004 mustang is not compatible with any of the PIE adapters. Since that company was bought out, what's available? I want to stay away from aftermarket head units because I'm not the cleanest electrician and it ends up half assed looking since I get impatient.


    The back of my stereo looks like this: