96 gt running lights are staying on, running batter down, help!!!


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Jun 24, 2014
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I just bought a 96 gt last week. sorry for this being my first post, but trying to get this car lined out to enjoy it...
here is what it has:
96 gt automatic, someone in the past has put a remote start on it, so it has keyless entry aftermarket. this problem is intermitten, but seems to be getting worse and more and more of a problem.

when I use the keyless entry to open the doors of my car, get in, start it, my running lights sometimes stay on... keep in mind I never touch my headlight switch on the dash etc.. I can drive it to work,get out of car, lock it with my keyfob and the running lights will stay on till battery is dead.... I have tried unhooking the battery wait a few seconds and hook it back up and the running lights are still on!!!
then I can drive it the next day and it won't do it. but now it seems to be getting worse and worse....and seems to be a constant problem.
so here is the short version:
1. unlock car with keyfob and sometimes running lights will come on and stay on even after I turn car off at destination, lock car with keyfob etc...still stay on till I either pull battery cable or battery dies.
2. I can use the key in the door, manually open doors with the switch on the door panel(completely not using my keyfob) and the lights stay off...

so its something specific to my keyfob?? or??
help? anyone else have this issue?

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