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Feb 21, 2007
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Hey guys i posted these questions on another forum and i thought i'd post them on here to see what you all thought also. Just to let you all know I kinda new to the Cobra's i just bought mine about 2 weeks ago so i don't know too much about working on these cars. But here are some issues i've had.

1. Ok i just kinda noticed this today and i'm not sure what it is. When i'm driving lets say just 4th gear at about 35-40mph i notice my car like seems like it idles up a little then back down. The tone of the car changes, it deepens and then goes back to normal. I also noticed that it does the same thing at idle every once in a while.

I thought it might be cause a fan was kicking on or something. But i also changed the spark plugs a few days ago and i'm pretty sure it didn't do this before i changed the plugs.

Do you all think one of the plugs could of came a little loose and its causing a miss?

Also my check engine light has been on since i've had the car, i got the code ran and it just said a bad O2 sensor. You don't think this might be causing a problem now? Like i said i never noticed it until today.

2. Another problem i've been having is, everytime i put the car in reverse my blinker fuse blows. I unplugged the reverse sensor on the tranny and that stopped it, but of course i don't have any reverse lights now. So what i was wondering is, do you think thats the actually problem that switch or something else. And if so are those switchs easy to replace?

3. Also my battery light comes on every now and then. Sometimes it stays on for a while and other times it doesn't. The car seems to charge just fine the volt guage is always good. Another guy said probably the Voltage regulator on the alternator is bad or going bad. What do you all think?

4. Then my car is lowered a 2' 3' drop. I have the stock 96 cobra wheels with 275/45r/17's on the back. I can hear them rubbing in the back. Is this normal because i didn't think that tire was too wide to make it rub. I've looked at them and can tell what they're rubbing on or if it's even causing any damage to the tire. Is it normal for that size of tired to rub with stock wheels?

Sorry this is long i just figured i'd put it all into one thread instead of having several out there. I'd appreciate any info thanks guys.


well a bad O2 sensor could make your car run lean... so get that fixed pronto

as far as funny idle...

It could be your TPS (throttle positioning sensor) or your IAC (idle air control)
check out this it may help http://www.sn95forums.com/idlefix.html

as far as rubbing tires... what are they rubbin on? if they're rubbing then they're rubbing so ya wanna fix that...

and that batt problem could be a regulator... or a bad ground or other faulty wiring... or you may be due for a new batt... can't help ya much there... just gotta trial and error with that


oh yeh... and ya may wanna double check the plugs... they shouldn't loosen up but if you aint sure then tighten them...

but the check engine light is definately cause of the O2 sensor


voltage regulator sounds like the problem with the battery issue. Your o2 sensor could be making it idle weird. I had a friend that was having the same problem. Def check the TPS and the IAC As far as your tires you should be running a 245 not a 275. Your reverse light sounds like there is a short in the system. Kinda hard to pin point where it could be shorting out at.

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