B&M Hammer Shifter Problems

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by kaveman, Jul 30, 2014.

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    I know that there is an older sticky on this but it didn't answer any of the questions that I had.

    I've had this shifter in my 98 for about 3 years now. Before it started acting up 2 weeks ago it was AWESOME! Now it won't shift into park and it almost seems like the shifter is oriented one notch back than what it is supposed to be. i.e. Park = Reverse, Reverse = Nuetral, etc.

    I removed the shifter last night and everything seems to be working fine with the ratchet system and everything is definately OK with the trans. While i was under the car I had my dad shift through the gears and the cable wasn't being pushed far enough forward to put the trans into park. I adjusted the cable and got everything back together.

    Still No Luck:(

    I would like to hope that nobody has had this problem before but if you have had this problem or if you have any insight to the topic all info is greatly appreciated!

    Ps. Hope I posted this in the right section lol