Back after YEARS. 95 Mustang GT, Coyote Swap?


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Jan 25, 2008
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Hey Everyone,

I'm Anthony from North Texas. I've had my mustang since high school and used to frequent this forum a lot back then (10+ years go, Jesus Christ). Ever since with college and what not I kind of fell off, but I never sold the Mustang. Just towed it around with me from place to place, fortunately I was always able to find a place to park it! A few years ago I decided I wanted to completely restore it, so I stripped the car. Pulled the motor, transmission, interior, everything. Then I got a job offer across the country and just threw all the parts in a U-Haul and got to moving. Well, I'm finally settled down and getting back into working on the car. A lot has changed since back in the day, and it seems coyote swaps are all the rage, and if FB marketplace isn't 100% full of scams it seems like they can be had for relatively cheap. After pricing out the cost of doing a rebuild on my 302 with H/C/I I would be out around the same price. How tough is a coyote swap into a 95 GT? Car is originally a 5.0 5-speed. I understand I would need to get some form of computer and harness, which it seems Ford sells for around $2k. Anything else, K-member?

There is actually a Coyote from a 2015 Mustang with manual transmission with 58k miles on FB local to me for $2k. Can I use the manual from 2015 in the 95? Or will I need to swap like a TKO or T56?

Thanks for the input guys.


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Feb 1, 2022
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One of the guys here (White95, I think) made a thread dedicated to the subject, try searching for it on this site. The swap would be easier in the 96-98 range but your range ain't all that bad. If you can come by the actual motor/trans/computer all in stock form and not the Control Pack version, you could integrate that into your car (with a lot of work and curse words) and largely ditch the original SN95 componentry and there are people who've done it. You just have to make sure the wire harness and body modules haven't been screwed up from a wreck or have been hacked into because it's all CANBUS and a problem in one part of the bus can affect the whole thing. And pretty much forget about modifying factory CANBUS systems unless you really know what you're doing.

Other side is the crate motor (from a u-pull, priv sale, etc) and some trans and a control pack (either manual or auto). Control pack from Ford is ideal unless you're going batshit with goals, and if you're going full retard then a Holley or something similar is needed. But then if you're going that route you'd have to eliminate VCT and get new cams and other things.

I believe the MT-82 would not directly fit the SN95 tunnel but I can't be sure, I use the T-56 Mag on my gen2 swap. Plus that remote mount shifter is hated by all. Your best bet would be to find a used T-56 or a T-56 Mag.


Feb 21, 2011
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Welcome to the forums. The coyote swap into an sn95 has become mainstream and all figured out. We have a few guys here that has done the swap and will never look back. You could build the original style engine and pay 3 times the cost over a coyote swap and probably still not have the power the coyotes are laying down.

Any transmission that bolted onto a modular engine, will mate to a coyote, like the manual transmissions that came in the 96-04 models. This Including the truck 6.2l and the new godzilla 7.3 and 6.8l pushrod engines. You have lots of options. Youll just need the modular Kmember and trans crossover mount.


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May 31, 2019
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Just did this last year and have very good documentation on my website as well as this forum and YouTube as well. As for trans, if you stay with the cable clutch, it's not bad. Going to the MT-82 is a PITA as mentioned and need to add hydraulic will add $$ to do the swap. I use my 3650 and it works fine, just doesn't like 7k shifts.

That 2015 is a smokin' deal and I'd jump on it. Use the engine and harness and get the rest or modify the 15s' chassis harness. Use that PCM, get PATS disabled and run it. Definite K-member. Have fun!!


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Feb 12, 2011
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Welcome , that 2015 package is a killer price I’d go grab it right away

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