Basic repairs for your vehicle

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    Here is a list of some basic repairs you can do to better maintain your vehicle:

    -Replace the cabin air filer to freshen the air and reduce the burden of your fan motor and A/C. Many vehicles manufactured within the last decade are built with the cabin air filter under the dash.

    -Change burned out light bulbs and/or other electrical equipment. The roads are much safer with functioning lights!
    -Fix parts on the rear of your vehicle, such as shocks and boots, so your car doesn't struggle with a heavy load.

    -Buy a tire pressure gauge and tire tread depth gauge a to keep tires in good condition throughout the year.

    You can also consider replacing these other basic parts: oil filter, spark plugs, belts, 02 sensors, fuel pump, water pump, brake pads/shoes, wiper blades, fuel cap, alternator, starter motor, hub assemblies, etc.

    If it's time to replace any of these parts for your vehicle, go to the catalog, locate your vehicle, and type in the parts you're needing to get them ordered!

    If you have a question about parts or an order, please visit our FAQ and/or Order Status & Returns page, or send us an email at [email protected].
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