BBK Mass Air Meter vs Non-BBK CAI Systems


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Apr 6, 2022
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Title sums it up pretty well. Fired off the parts cannon earlier this week for my '98 GT 5-speed. Plugs, wires, coils, intake know: the easy bolt ons.

Bought the SR Performance black CAI system off American Muscle. Cheap, effective, could not care less about the performance gains


Was discussing this stuff with a buddy of mine who owned his fair share of Mustangs in his tenure. He recommended I get a Mass Airflow Meter to go with the CAI. I never considered it, because all the ones I saw online were for forced induction builds. Well, all except one:

BBK 86mm Mass Air Meter for Cold Air Intake and 19 lb. Fuel Injectors​


It's like they listed this component specifically for me. I'm all set to pull the trigger on it, but my hesitance is the compatibility. I do not know if the BBK Mass Air Meter will physically fit with the SR Performance CAI. American Muscle does a great job with customer photos of the components. But all the BBK meters show it installed with BBK CAI systems.

TL;DR Will the BBK mass air meter shown above work with the SR CAI kit shown above?