Beware of this head porting service


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Sep 25, 2013
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I purchased the SA Design book titled How to rebuild 4.6/5.4 liter Ford engines. Contained in the pages of this book is a article on a company named Powerheads Engineering. As the book states they are the authority on modular head porting. Don't you believe it for a second. I have the pics of the heads as delivered and the quality of their work is substandard. They claim that the ports are hand finished to remove the lines left by the CNC machine to enhance flow. None of the ports are the same which makes me think the CNC process never happened. Don't let them give you the BS about lines of resolution.

I had a set of 2v PI heads CNC ported with larger Manley valves and Comp springs. This service cost me 1700.00 paid in full. 3 months later I received the heads back and another receipt for 160.00 shipping. The shipping was never discussed and therefore never authorized. When questioned about the charge Ralph Pici (owner) stopped talking or answering emails.

That's when the shipping dispute got opened and things really got interesting. His response to the credit card dispute was that I said I was going to open a false claim just to harass him and that my intentions were to have Discover card penalize him, which were untrue. I'm 46 not 14; I just didn't feel it was right as a business to not inform the customer of extra charges and then process them without authorization. I checked the shipping through USPS and it should have cost $72, so $160 for a set of heads is a bit much.

So in closing, beware doing anything with Ralph Pici and Powerheads Engineering. I would recommend Livernoise, Fox Lake, Total Engine Airflow or Performance CNC.

If you do business with this shady company and get burned, just remember you have been warned.



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Jan 12, 2006
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Haven't heard Powerheads in a long long time. They were one of the first options for P&P 2V heads and I think [MENTION=8116]Dalamar[/MENTION] got his done there.
I went with Fox Lake because of their reputation.

That 4.6 book needs to be taken off the market its really old.

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