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    Hi The problem, right front caliper is hanging/sticking after 2-3 miles. REPLACED pads both front calipers, with NEW hardware, hoses. BLED with motor running and with motor off, ran 1-2 pints threw while tapping on brake caliper[corvette trick]Bled rear brakes, ran 1 pint threw to get new fluid in. I thought about replacing the master cylinder BUT the left one dose not hang up and stays cool.THE car is a '04 v6 ragtop, auto,Picked it up 10-06-14 in clearwater FL. Drove it home to WIS. Stored it Was going over it, Put lower ball joints in,put a new alternater in on the way home. New battery this April. I even pulled the ABS 50amp fuse in under the hood for a drive still gets hot but don't seam to pull to the right. Had an alinement done when the ball joints in. What am I missing?? Thank You for your time.
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    What about the guide pins? The caliper floats on these and if they are bent or are not allowing the calipers to side, it will feel like it's binding up.