Brand new alternator dies after 3 months???


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Oct 22, 2022
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Hey friends. Got another issue i cant seem to figure out.

Not to long ago i was having charging issues on my 95 gt. After lots of digging, turns out the field wire wasnt getting proper voltage. I never did figure out why the field wire wasnt putting out the right voltage. Mainly because after i started digging into it, there could be multiple issues (including the gauge cluster) that i just didnt feel like chasing down. Once i figured this out, i got a new alternator, spliced the field wire into the positive terminal on the ignition coil and boom. 13.5-14 volts consistently.

Shortly after i had to replace the harmonic balancer. While i was there, i went ahead and pulled the trigger on some underdrive pulleys. I was worried about the alternator so i left the factory pulley on the alternator and just replaced crank pulley and waterpump pulley. As predicted, the alternator struggled to keep up at idle but even the slightest bump in revs and it charged just fine.

Understanding all of this, i clocked out of work friday and started the car. I sat there for a good 20-30 min on the phone with the ac on before i left work. Once i left, i noticed the alternator wasnt picking up voltage as quickly as it normally does. Shortly after i hit the road it quit charging all together and now im running off battery power. Unfortunately for me, my drive home is about 30 min from work and i barely made it home. When i parked, volt meter was showing 8 volts. Im honestly not even sure how i made it home... and it definately smelled like burnt electrics when i popped the hood

Lastly, as soon as i got home i unplugged the battery and put it on a trickle charger. Took 2 days to charge. Monday morning i decided to start trouble shooting. I plugged the freshly charged battery back in and as soon as i did the alternator started making these faint crackli g noises. And it got hot. Super hot. Almost to hot to touch after being plugged in for maybe 30 seconds. Something has shorted out...

I know im going to catch some shit for my hot wired field wire. But unless someone has a better spot to run it to, its worked fine for months. Wtf happened here? Did i idle for to long and max out field for to long before i left work and it over heated? Junk alternator? Are there any alternator upgrades available? Im sooo sick of working on this car just to be reliable. Iv seen the 3g alternator upgrades but that seems to be a fox thing.

Any input at all helps. I appreciate you all
I just did the 3g on mine for the 2nd time,, the first one failed as well, know it's finally charging but when I put on the ac and cone to a stop at random I will get a surge that if I'm not fast enough will stall the car, man I hat electrical gremlins

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