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    So I decided to post about the build I have going on. Maybe some will find some enjoyment out of its progression but if not then I can at least think someone else likes it for my own ego's sake lol I bought my 02 GT with 55k miles on it from a guy who bought it from another dude who was going through a midlife crisis. Both barely drove it and realized it wasn't the car for them with what they had going on in their lives. Obviously she wasn't because she was meant for me. When I got her she only had Ruff Racing r550 rims, balding tires, and a new paint job. Immediately I put an AEM cold air intake, blacked out the rims, and tinted the windows. Step 1 done. Now 2 years later and my deployment money saved up, I begin the process of buying the mods I want. Started with a SR Performance short throw shifter. Blacked out head/tail lights. Moved on to BBK shorty headers (California being so amazing won't allow long tube headers) and Pypes pipe bomb cat back exhaust with M80 mufflers. Now she sounds the part. Under drive pulleys to free up HP. Strut bar for support. Accufab 75MM throttle body and a C&L plenum. She's tuned with a Bama performance X4 tuner. Now I'm about to buy an Eibach Sport+ suspension kit, caster camber plates, and a bumpsteer kit. My goal is to put a supercharger one day or so an engine swap for a coyote 5.0 I want a 1200 RWHP monster. That won't be for a few years but a guy can dream right? If you haven't noticed, I mine as well be a platinum member on American Muscle haha

    Pics to come (just gotta figure out how to do that first ) lol