Changing idler/tensioner pulley on SC'd Cobra. Tips?

Discussion in '96-04 - 4V Specific' started by SnakeMedic, Feb 14, 2015.

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    I did try to do a little searching before posting this, but all I could find was info confirming what I already knew - replacing idler/tensioner pulleys will require removal of the Vortech SC.

    As I am pulling all the intake piping out and formulating my best way to get at things, it leaves me wondering what to do about the coolant and oil lines going into the SC itself. What have you done about them? I was thinking to detach them from the unit and try to have them held up somewhere to mitigate any fluid loss. Is this the best option or does someone with experience know a better way?

    Any tips are appreciated, and trolling is welcome..... :p
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    Get some hose pinch pliers or improvise using some vise grips and flat metal pieces, on the coolant lines to minimize coolant loss.
    The oil lines on the blower are no big deal, you will loose a miniscule amount of oil. No big deal.

    Take your time doing the work, dont rush it.