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Discussion in 'Electrical & Stereo' started by 97Stang, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Sep 25, 2006
    I have a problem, that bugs me, hahaha.

    Well, I know there is a seatbelt Chime that chimes when the seat belt isnt belted in, and the car is started. My problem is, even when I plug in my belt and start, the belt chime doesnt chime, but this weird chime does (nothing illuminates on the cluster to illustrate a problem with the systems) and it chimes 5 times, and quits, repeats 4 times and it shuts off. It chimes a weird chime a total of 25 times, and then its gone.

    My other question would be...would this have something to do with my cluster being removed and reinstalled? maybe someone hit a connection or damaged something? It was removed by a few people last night to check the air bag warning light (it used to light up, indicating a problem with the airbags, and i already know that they are blown) and i complained about the light being on, and i wanted it off, so they suggested taking the bulb out because there wasnt anything i could use to turn it off in the computer of the car. Well this chime developed after the bulb was removed from the "Air Bag" location on the cluster and reinstalled.

    Did someone screw something up? :rant: :'( if so, what can I do to get the chime to go away? The chime is so annoying, I would rather have the stupid air bag light back illuminated! (note: since the chime started and the bulb was taken out (reinstalled thinking the chime would go away and it didnt) the air bag light hasnt lit up since, but the bulb is back in its original place...rahh! :nonono:
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    If it bothers you that bad, when its chimming, stick your head under the dash and pull the "chimmer" out. If you arent sure which one it is, touch the lil box looking things under there, and you will feel it vibrating when it chimes.

    *sorry if this isnt very technical, I dont know what its called?
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    Jan 12, 2006
    I have always pulled the chime box out in all my stangs.........I dont like that damn bell either :mad: