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    Here are some basic rules and guidelines for the marketplace section.

    Classifieds are not for discussion:

    Classifieds are here for our members to buy or sell an item. If a post does not relate directly to the item for sale/wanted it will be deleted. If you have a off topic question PM the seller.

    If you do not follow these rules your post will be erased with NO WARNING.


    • Start For Sale threads with "FS:" or want to trade threads with "WTT:"
    • Post your location, it's easier for both you and your potential buyer.
    • Give a clear description of the item, and post pictures if possible
    • Items must have an asking price, no feeler threads. Either it's for sale, or not.
    • Post only one thread for your item. Multiple THREADS WILL BE DELETED
    • If you have multiple items for sale, please POST THEM ALL IN ONE THREAD. There is no need to clog up the forum.
    • Please only BUMP/TTT your item ONCE per day MAX or it will be removed OTHER THAN ANSWERING QUESTIONS THAT POTENTIAL BUYERS MIGHT HAVE.
    • "Want to Buy" threads should not be posted in the FS Section, post in the WTB sub forum
    • Those interested please keep your post related to the items listed.
    • Do not take over another users thread. If you are selling something, start your own thread.
    • If you feel the poster is asking too much money, keep your complaining about the price to yourself. If you don't like the price, don't buy it.
    We do not condone the selling of stolen goods, if it is reported or found out, your information will be passed on to the Authorities. We encourage people to use Paypal as it's one of the more secure ways to transfer money online, sn95forums can not be responsible for people being ripped off so protect yourself. If you see anyone breaking these rules or posting obvious scam, please click the "REPORT POST TO MODERATOR" button, one of the mods will take care of it. We will not tolerate spam or people getting ripped off on our site.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.