Cleaning the combustion chambers/IMRC's/runners with Seafoam!!! - also manually

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    Ok, you all wanna know about Seafoam. Seafoam is this stuff that is used to dissolve carbon deposits in your combustion chambers and will do the same on the IRMC's pretty well. I was sceptacle at first, but then I used it and WOW, what a difference on my 96 Cobra. It can be bought at most autoparts stores. People say to put it in the gas, but then it's just like injector cleaner and doesn't do shit barely. I was told to use the PCV valve to suck it into the motor, so that's what I did.

    Step 1: with the motor off, simply pull the PCV hose out of the DRIVER-side valve cover, but leave it connected to the manifold.

    Step 2: Open the bottle of Seafoam (the fluid, not the aerosol spray kind) and put the end of the PCV hose into the can, while keeping the can as upright as possible at first. You'll need 2 people, one to hold the can, one inside the car.

    Step 3: Start the motor for about 12 seconds. This will suck all the contents out of the bottle into the motor. The can-holder should signal to the person in the car to turn-off the motor as soon as the can is empty. The faster you turn it off, the better. You'll notice that the motor will nearly die when it sucks in the Seafoam, this is normal. Seriously, it'll work fine after the process is done.

    Step 4: Let the car sit for 30 minutes with the engine off.

    Step 5: MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN A VEEERY WELL VENTILATED AREA. This will cause quite a smoke-show. Start the motor, let it idle for about 30 seconds. The engine will be sluggish and want to die, but will usually stay running. After 30 seconds or so, raise the RPM to about 2800 and hold it there until you feel the motor start to rev more freely (usually about 20-40 seconds). This step makes lots of smoke. That is all the dissolved carbon blowing out.

    Step 6: Take the car out for a spin. Go WOT as soon as possible. This should clear the remaining contaminates.

    Step 7: Drive the car around at different speeds and RPM's until it feels like the car is running like normal. After 10-15 of driving, you should notice a large increase in power, more smoothness in revs, and an all-round better running motor. After 74,000 miles I did this, and it felt like the engine had gained 20 horsepower, even though it was probably just underpowered with carbon before.

    A can of Seafoam is about $4-5 and the can looks old-school. It has ornate style writing and kinda resembles an old shaving-cream can. Ask the store people, they'll know. It should be by the injector cleaners, etc.

    Try it. You won't be dissapointed. PM me if you have questions/comments. Oh, enjoy going 007 smokescreen style on people behind you!

    IF your changing your spark plugs soon. Do this before you change them. Its not needed, but a good practice.

    Oh sorry about that. But no, no power added at all. I did not check my IMRCs, but when I did it I had about 115k on the clock. So I figure it need be done.

    And yes I am sure if you took your IMRCs off and cleaned them manually you would have 100% better results. But this is not a bad way for the person who does not want to do that

    Also, if this scares you. There is the link to the manual process of cleaning them at the bottom of the post.. right below this

    Here is another write-up to clean out the IMRCs and runners manually as well.
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    Very good write up. I used this stuff couple years back in my work vans, results very good. Performance and mileage actually increased with the motor being cleaaner up top.