Cobra -97 Supercharging, questions,parts..etc?

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    Aug 21, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    Let me go directly to the point, so after purchasing my Ford Mustang Cobra SVT 1997 4v about year go, now I have started to look an option to install supercharger for it. Before going into the details, let me go through the car specs:

    - Mileage, about 95k

    - Disassembled engine couple months ago to see it everything was fine and no suprises before starting crusing in summer. Eg currently everything is working just perfect :)

    - Mods, only BBK intake and Ford Performance Clutch:

    -3:73 rear ordered, but not installed yet.

    So now back to supercharging, currently what i'm looking is 450 RWHP. Driving purpose is purely street.

    So i'm starting with parts list what i have been able to collect:

    -KB 2.1L kit,
    COBRA '96-'98 2.1L COMPLETE KITS
    MONO CHIP (UP TO 15 PSI) 2.1L

    -4.6 / 5.4 FORGED Pistons, Rings & Rod Kit Combo
    FORGED Piston, Rings and Rod Combo (OPT3)
    Manley Forged Pistons (any compression ratio) and 4340 Forged H beam Rods by MMR Planning

    SCT BA-2600 Big Air 90MM MAF Meter / Sensor

    42lb Ford Racing Fuel Injectors

    - sub frame connectors mod

    So questions to follow and comments:

    - Anything missing (please note i'm looking _complete list_), parts good enough or should I look something other?

    - I know there is lot of discussion about KB, specially about the heat. However i'm living very up in north,(north Finland), so average summer temp is about 70F. So is this enough compensate this problem?

    - is 2.1L enough to reach 450-500hp levels? / Or should I directly be looking other kind superchargers, procharger, vortec.

    - 42lb Ford Racing Fuel Injectors good enough?

    - What's the max boost with stock MAF and throttle body

    - What is the compression ratio I should use in supercharged system?

    - Is the original T-45 transmission able to handle the expected torgue?

    - Is the Ford Performance Clutch transmission able to handle the expected power?

    - Are the stock style cylinder head gaskets ok for supercharging?

    So that is for now, I would be thankful for all the answers.