Common 4.6L V8 4V Problems

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    This thread will cover some of the common problems with 4.6L V8 4V in the SN95. The information in this thread was provided by members of our community, thank you all that helped.

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    1. 96/97 4v cobras do not use the same ECM/harness as 98 cobra

    2. C heads valve train tick. Have yet to hear of the tick specifically causing failures. There are a few hypothesis as to what causes it, but most point to the cooling on the #8 cylinder.
    Solution: Doing the head-cooling mod helps remedy the "tick" (supposedly) as well as assists flow at WOT to allow the some of the coolant to return to the rest of the cooling system faster.

    3. B heads IMCRs get dirty, clog and no longer open.
    Solution: Budget friendly, remove butterfly flaps, weld holes closed and putting the empty plates back.
    MustangChris, wht1997cobra

    4. Cobra and Lincoln use different cams and intakes.

    5. Fuel and Computer parts vary on 97, 98, 99.

    6. Cooling Issues.
    Solution: Burping the cooling system completely. Make a replacement plug for the crossover. Correctly solder your fresh fan harness on, don't quick tie it on.

    7. Ticking lash adjuster.
    Solution: Buy a tool such as