Convertible Quarter Window Motor Rebuild


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Nov 8, 2012
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So on 94-95 cars the window motor bushings wear out and it's pretty easy to replace them. Convertibles also have the same problem for the two quarter windows and I've never seen a guide on how to replace them, so since I had to do this job Friday evening I figured I'd take pictures and make a guide. It's really very simple.

Once you have the motor out, you can rebuild it using one of these guides:

Also my pictures were too big for the forum, so here's an album with them all for your reference:

It's pretty simple. Anyway:

Step 1: Remove rear interior trim panel
I didn't get a good pic of this, but it's pretty easy. There's a couple interior fasteners by the door, one on the back by the convertible top. Should be pretty self-explanatory. Anyway shimmy it out of the way and down by the front seat (you won't be able to take it all the way off without removing the seat belt, so just push it out of the way).

Step 2: Remove speaker bracket screws

Below you'll see the speaker bracket--there are two screws, one on top and one on the side. Remove both of those and you should be able to move the bracket/speaker out of the way.

Step 3: Peel back window covering
Looks like Ford just glued this on at the factory. Mine was peeling ever so slightly, so I got it going with my finger then used a small pry bar (or screwdriver) to peel it back enough to access the window motor.

Step 4: Remove window motor and rebuild
So once you peel back the covering you'll see the window motor:

Remove the 3 8mm bolts and unplug the wires from the connector on the front side of the panel.

Step 5: Rebuild window motor
Use the guides I listed earlier. This is the 3rd window motor I've rebuilt since buying my car, so I didn't take pictures of this part. Just use plenty of grease and 1/4" nuts or the bushings you can get at AutoZone. It's really not hard.

Step 6: Reinstall
Installation is the reverse of removal :)

Just bolt the window motor back up (then plug it in and test it!!!) and press everything back into place. I suppose if you're really serious you can re-glue the window motor covering panel, but mine was still sticky enough that I didn't think it was necessary. After the window cover is back up jimmy the rear interior panel down*** over the speaker and slide your fasteners back into position.

***Before you install the rear panel, this is a great time to get out the shop vac and vacuum up the leaves, sticks, twigs, pine needles and dirt that has collected below your top!

That should be it. I've done both rear motors and my driver's side motor, so now it's only a matter of time until I rebuild my passenger's side and then can be done rebuilding sn95 window motors forever!

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