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    This is my official "Want to Buy" thread. I will update this periodically as I discover parts that are needed/wanted for my cars or other various projects. Please contact me via PM or reply here if you have what I am looking for, or know of where it can be found.

    Please note: None of these items are "urgent" in nature, unless noted as such. I won't spend a fortune and pay above market prices for anything. I buy and sell for a living, so if something isn't a good deal, or I can get it somewhere else for cheaper, I won't buy it. I am also open for trades. I have several sets of export style tail lights and other cobra parts. I'm located in northeastern Indiana, and I'm willing to travel for local pickup on heavier/larger items depending on the distance and price. I travel to the Dayton/Cincinnati area quite frequently, as well as Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, Louisville and everywhere in between.


    - 99/01 cobra (amber) tail light - passenger side only. I can use the harness, but it's not a requirement.
    - Stock pony grille emblem with bracket - Looking for 1 or 2 depending on price and condition.
    - 01 thru 04 center console - dark charcoal in color. Please, no torn or ripped up e-brake boots.
    - 03/04 terminator style rear seat only - Need top and bottom, in parchment - must be for convertible model
    - Complete 03/04 terminator style seats - Need both fronts and back for convertible, with black or gray inserts
    - T56 Transmission (03 terminator spec) - Parts also needed: Pinion flange, driveshaft, crossmember and u-joints
    - Engine Oil Dipstick Tube - For the 4.6L 2v/4v Engine
    - 99/01 Cobra Front Bumper Fascia- Preferably in white. Nothing with broken tabs or beat to shit.
    - 01/03/04 Cobra Rear Bumper Fascia - Preferably in white. Nothing with broken tabs or beat to shit.
    - 01+ Stock Black Headlamp Housings - Nothing scratched, beat up, pitted, hazed, chipped up with rocks, or tinted.