Early 96 cobra (llx2) tuning

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    I am helping a buddy tune his vortech 96 cobra which his has the llx2 ecu.

    He just bought it and it of course started acting up. Its very clean and only 60k on it so Im helping him remove the "90s" logic of how they got it to run back then and doing it right. So stuff like the fmu, piggyback fuel pump, and this ridiculous sketchy superchips chip. I also had to remove his aftermarket alarm. He didnt receive any info on what it is exactly and it just randomly died on the road and would not start until I bypassed it.

    Anyway, From my understanding llx2 (cdan3) is not supported anymore and was prone to issues. Ive read that it will accept llx4(cdan4) but I am having no luck getting it to datalog correctly. Unfortunately I am yet to find a definite answer if what Im trying is possible or if I just need to have him get a newer cobra ecu and call it a day.

    Hes trying to use a moates chip for it with BE which is new to me as I use Sct for mine so its possible Im just overlooking something stupid.

    Anyone shed any guidance on what i may try or what I am overlooking?
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    @adder mk2

    Adder isn't on often but he'd be your best bet.

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