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Nov 15, 2014
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Nashville, TN
So, I have two projects. Project one is Project Venomous, 96 Cobra build. The general plan is C Head Swap, built motor, Vortech V7 JT Trim. My second project is an 02 GT Vert. The general plan is built motor, Vortech V1 Si.

I already have MAC Ceramic LTs for the Cobra, I plan on the same for the GT. Mid pipe, I have a catted X pipe for emissions, a MAC Prochamber for the GT, and I am planning on either an O/R H or X (maybe both). I have a Stinger catback for the GT, Borla XR1 Sportsman Race mufflers for the Cobra. I was also thinking about picking up some Stinger mufflers for the Cobra and having a shop essentially creat the ability for me to swap out the mufflers with the clamps that Borla uses on their kits.

Anyone ever hear the XR1 Sportsman Race along side the Stingers? Both mufflers are the same length.

Second question, I bought the SR Tailpipes for the Cobra and will end up buying some flow tubes to build the Cobra exhaust. I am trying to decide between haveing the exhaust come out the back like the stock setup or having my shop customize it so that when the exhaust goes over the axle and comes down, cutting it so that when it starts towards the back of the car the exhaust is still tucked up out of sight and then getting a tip that would direct the gases down and away from the car. Not straight turn down, turn the tips about 70 degrees away from the car from being turn downs. These are the tips I am looking at or similar to them.

I would want everything packaged to be out of sight once the exhaust hits the axle, unless you are looking from under the car.


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