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Oct 10, 2021
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Hey guys! Im not sure if I ever introduced myself on the forum, I kind of just jumped into it with my build and the on3 turbo install guide.

I just wanted to say Hello from Michigan & give you guys a quick background on what I do for the Mustang Community outside of the my build here on the forum.
I run the Ford SVR program known as the Special Vehicle Registry

It is a registry by Ford for all Mustangs to Join!
If you haven’t joined it already, it is free! You get access to your vehicle’s original NAVIS data (this is the breakdown on how your car came from the factory!)
I actually found out my car was originally an automatic, someone swapped mine before I got it to a stick shift.
If you ever wondered on how people were selected to go on stage for the dark horse S650 release? Ford selects enthusiasts like yourself via the registry to bring to events & showcase their Mustang!
You also get 10% off at Ford show parts, which is a website ran by Ford to buy Ford Swag, SVT certifications, window stickers and so on.

Feel Free to checkout my Build (Listed in my signature) & ask me questions about the registry!

Admins if this is not allowed please, let me know and I will remove that. I just figured I'd introduce myself and allow the forum to ask questions if they wanted :)


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