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    Sep 19, 2006
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    Ok everyone, this is one thing i dont know anything about. I know how to change my oil, its kinda common since. but like what i dont know is which fluids to use.
    i want to pretty much get all my fluids flushed and put new stuff in. im really thinking about going up to a local jiffy lube and getting them to do the full service which includes the follow:
    * Change the oil with up to five (5) quarts of quality motor oil
    * Replace oil filter
    * Visually Inspect:
    - antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
    - engine air filtration system
    - serpentine belts
    - brake fluid level in transparent reservoirs
    - wiper blades
    - exterior lights
    * Vacuum interior floors
    * Clean exterior of windows
    * Lubricate the chassis (when applicable)
    * Check tire pressure
    * Check and top off the following fluids:
    - transmission/transaxle fluids
    - differential fluid
    - power steering fluid
    - windshield washer fluid
    - battery water (excluding sealed batteries)

    but i want all my fluids flushed and have new stuff put in. idk if that covers it. anyways basically i wanna learn about the oils, like weights and stuff. which would be the best to use. im a newb when it comes to this stuff.
    cant wait to hear the feedback, been wondering about this for a little bit.
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    Apr 8, 2006
    I don't like to use Jiffy-Lube or Wal-Mart oil change joints unless I have to. If it is crap bag ass cold and snowy and I am over due. At that point I will use them just because I would rather change the fluids than wait till better weather. If you must take it somewhere the best place is the dealer, they are more expensive, but you get quality filters and oils. They will also have some sort of waranty on there work

    Jiffy-Lube and Wal-Mart WILL NOT change trans, rear gear, or brake fluid. I think they may do cooling system flushes.