For Sale FS: Warrior R/T polished wheels (15x8) and Pypes high-flow cats (2.5")

Discussion in 'Auto Parts' started by Ronin, Dec 11, 2014.

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    I live in Mesa, AZ.

    Warrior R/T polished wheels (15x8) - $200 (local only)
    I bought the wheels off of Summit Racing for $250 plus shipping (, used for less than a year, then started gathering dust in the garage. The drag radial tires have probably 5,000 miles on them and only a half dozen 1/4 mile passes...but they're cracked, so I'm not even factoring them into the price. They may work perfectly fine, and at least could go out in a spectacular burnout. No curb rash, slight oxidation on the back (as any used wheel that has seen the outside will have).

    I'm REALLY REALLY not looking to ship these wheels. Because I don't have the time right now necessary to take them to a tire shop and have the D/Rs removed, and I don't think you want to pay for UPS packing and shipping WITH the tires. Who knows, I may get desperate some day and take the tires off.

    Pypes high-flow cats (2.5") - $165 + shipping
    This is more than $40 off retail, they've NEVER been used or installed.