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    Nov 9, 2013
    The 4th of july here in Nebraska brings in the Neligh stoplight drags in Neligh Nebraska. My cobra is a 94 with an all stock motor and trans. Mods being 3.73 gears, lowering springs, and some humongous brakes. Everything else is completely stock. Got full interior, and wheels with close to stock tires. Ive heard reports that these cars will perform 14.7 quarters with stock equipment. That number is without weight reduction, which I will be doing. I will strip the easiest components to strip from the interior. I will not touch the motor, it is too perfect to mess with. I will be taking out the rear seats, glove box, rear spoiler, jack, spare tire, the rear MACH 460 deck, and the head unit (radio). Going further than this means modifying the interior or the motor and I want to be able to reassemble this car once I'm done tearing it up on the strip. I will report back to you here with confirmed kills by this cobra on July 5th! Hopefully ill be able to kill an ls camaro or firebird (not to likely). Wanting to race me now is a 2000 gt with full bolt ons (no blower) and rear end gears to match mine. I should be able to kill atleast that. I will give updates on the 5th. Hopefully my kill list will be as long as my death list. By that I do mean to say that if it beats me I will post it. Hopefully videos of each encounter will come with the post. It depends on our cameraman, who has been pretty terrible in the previous years. Happy 4th of July to all!