Good times???

Discussion in 'Drag Racing' started by Davez01gt, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Mar 3, 2015
    Well, for the first time since owning my 01 GT, I got to get to my local drag strip. Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin. I have lots of experience at the track as I bracket raced back in the late 90's & early 2000's. I brought my nephew along for his first drag racing experience.

    First run in right lane goes like this,
    Small dry hop to clean off street tires,
    Stage car, rev to about 2000, figuring a street like start with some wheel spinning.
    As the yellow light is light I start releasing the clutch and get a huge amount of........ BOGGING!!!
    The track was very well prepped. Ran 1st and second gear to 5500 with normal shifting, then grabbed 3rd, I then see the hood pop up to its safety latch. That freaks me out and I just coasted the rest of the track.
    Managing to run a [email protected]

    Ok hood now tight, time for second run, in the right lane again,
    Same small dry hop to clean of tires,
    Stage car at 2000, and slip clutch, not as much bogging, but still a little. normal shifts to the end of the track,
    Get the print out and I must say I am very surprised with a [email protected] mph pass!!
    Now I tell my nephew to get out so I can make a few passes alone. No more dead weight!! HAHA!!

    Third pass, this time in the left lane.
    Dry hop, stage and get ready for a sticky track.
    I let the clutch out to just a little wheel spin, then it hooks!! Shifting at 5500 in both gear changes.
    It felt like a good pass.
    The results: [email protected]!! WOW!! With a 2.17 60' time. I am just stunned as to the time.

    Fourth pass is left lane and to back up the 14.0 pass from earlier.
    Dry hop, stage, I get a good launch, but I miss 2nd gear. Slowed to a [email protected]

    I took my nephew on 2 more passes, both with 2.1 60' and to [email protected] & [email protected] runs.

    My car is stock with 204k miles, and Flowmaster mufflers.
    I am trying to figure out why everybody thinks that these SN95's are slow. I remember when the great "Fox" bodies would just break into the 14's and everybody thought that was fast. Now I am showing my age, but I am truly happy with the low 14's, (maybe even a high 13) all stock daily driver.
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    Sep 10, 2014
    Nice runs! Yeah, I feel the same. I don't think they are slow. Everything older seems slow when you compare to something brand new LOL. What are the 01's, 260HP? A 14 flat at 99MPH with street tires is pretty fast in my opinion. I had an 88 GT and bought a brand new 92 GT 5 speed. It took me a while to warm up to the mod motors, but I like them now.
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    Not bad times, but it can definitely get down into the mid 13's, especially if you do lower control arms.

    All about getting the 60 down a little more. But still, great job!