For Sale GoPro Hero 3 Black and 4 Session

Discussion in 'General Items' started by chris91, Dec 26, 2016.

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    I have two barely used GoPro's for sale. Selling as a package deal, not separating anything.

    First off is the Hero 3 Black edition. Comes with 3 Batteries, LCD Touch Screen(cost me $85 just a few months ago and has been used like 3 times), and Remote (needs a new battery, won't hold charge. I always used the app on my phone anyway.) and 32gb SanDisk memory card.

    Second is a GoPro 4 Session. In great shape as well and comes with a 32gb SanDisk memory card.

    I also have two suction cup setups for them. One is GoPro brand and the other is a Delkin Fat Gecko(works with any type of camera up to 4 lbs.). Both are like new and have only been used ONCE. I also have a harness to put on a dog. Have a bunch of misc mounts as well. A case that fits both cameras also comes with everything. I've only used the cameras a handful of times so they are in great shape still. $400