Have a shell with some parts still on it, come get them pls

Sep 29, 2013
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Long time no log.

Life has been real hectic for me recently but, I figured you guys might be interested in some free stuff.

I have my first ever sn95 stripped down and theres still some good parts on it.
I would pull and hold onto them for you guys but time is always too sparse a resource for me it seems.

So anyone in the Vista , CA area, feel free to come snatch it up.

Still has most brake lines, most of the wiring behind the dash, steering wheel, body panels, torn up drivers seat, front and back glass rear bumper, front end, etc.. would make for a good track car if you didnt want to strip a shell yourself.

I would even be interested in doing a cheap track car project if someone was interested. Either way, theres some free stuff so feel free to call or text me. Text preferred.

I also have a ton of ford parts im selling if you wanna check that out.

Anyways, thanks for everything you have taught me sn95!

Ad always, Jake TDE.

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