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May 28, 2014
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Hi everyone, picked up a 1996 GT back in the middle of February, this forum's been a great resource so I finally decided to join. I'm a bit of a rambler so here goes... Had to sell my CBR600F4i to fund the car unfortunately, I'm two wheels first four wheels second but was away from home at college in an area that doesn't have very bike friendly winters, so I needed a car and a good deal came up on the Stang which my buddy was selling. He let me drive it one time riding together back to school from our hometown, and it was pretty much love at first drive. Then the idea of selling the bike got into my head and I still had my other little commuter bike, so ended up going through with it, miss that bike but I don't regret selling it for the Mustang one bit. I've always had a passive interest in Mustangs, but owning one has definitely turned me into a Mustang guy. And it also has gotten me back into my car guy roots before I got into riding. It's super fun to drive, has flowmasters so it sounds pretty good and I somehow get 20mpg mixed with lots of shenanigans. And the power hungry of you can say what you want, but only having 215HP means I can romp on the car and enjoy the V8 sound on public roads without totally obliterating the speed limit. Plus it still has plenty of real world power, and can kick the rear end out with ease if I want it to. Otherwise seems to handle pretty neutral when pushing it through the corners, no obvious tendency to understeer or oversteer with stock suspension and lowered 1.5". Just a different kind of fun is all, same concept as my little Ninja 500, I can romp that little beast around town and flick it into corners like nobody's business and stay totally legal! Also now own a Honda 919 for the insane power fix, and the enjoyability of owning an extremely well built bike with decent components on it instead of just a cheap beginner/commuter type bike. And sportbike inline fours definitely produce my favorite exhaust note, followed by V8s... So I'm really freaking lucky to own the vehicles I have. Anyways, I'd like to get into auto-x with my stang and make a few passes at the drag strip to see what this old NPI lump + an inexperienced driver can do, but need to get a few maintenance items fixed on the stang before running it hard, but hey it's an older car what can ya expect. Paint could use some help too (by that I mean be repainted lol) but for a "daily" driver (it's only DD when I can't take my bike for some reason) it's pretty good, get's lots of positive and negative attention (mustangs have to be the most loved and hated cars out there...), my girlfriend loves it, neighbors hate it, it's everything a Mustang should be.


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