Help! Huge misfire

Discussion in '94-95 5.0 - Specific' started by Slum, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Nov 22, 2014
    I decided yesterday to take out my carpet to give it a good clean,i though it would be fast and simple and it was until this morning when i try to drive my car again.I connected the battery and did the idle base reset.When i drove it and gave it a bit of gas and it felt really sluggish, at high rpm there was sudden lost of power.I slowed down to cruising speed and i noticed a nasty misfire,in between shift the rpm's drop all the way down and the car gets very close to stalling.I pull up to my house and let it idle and it sounds like i have massive cams(i wish). I turn the car off and on and its gone, idles perfect. I took it for a test drive and if felt normal as long as i keep it at low rpm,if i step on it the same thing happens. I noticed it does it on command when i pull the light switch.I could turn it off and on with the light switch in the same position and it will idle fine but once running if i turn the lights of or on it does it on command. All i did yesterday removing carpets was disconnect all computer plugs and the driver side big block connector thing.I also discovered it previously had and alarm which i removed but that was all unplug and unconnected.Sorry for the long post, just very weird and hard to explain symptoms.All help would be appreciated i need my car back.

    I posted a video that shows everything better.
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    Ground? There's s few by the computer..
    check those..
    Also hook a scanner to it see if you have any codes..
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    Nov 9, 2014
    Check for vacuum leak. Also have you messed with your timing? when was the last time you did plugs rotor wires? Take a spark plug out and check it out that will give you some idea of whats going on in there
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    Why did you do a "base idle reset"?
    Why did you remove the computer to clean the carpet?
    If it's misfiring when you turn the h/l's on then look at your alt. output and battery voltage.