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Mar 31, 2021
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July 18, 2022 * 26 posts * 205 views
ttocs said: as I said above there is a harness(bypass harness) that connects to the front amps speaker output. By disconnecting it and wiring into it you can connect your radios outputs to ... Read more >>
July 17, 2022 * 14 posts * 109 views
ninman8 said: Thanks for the help! I'll see if I can mess with it this afternoon. I'll keep you guys updated Read more >>
July 17, 2022 * 14 posts * 178 views
Monday said: Still haven't tried them backwards. Took me most of the day installing the passenger seat. It sits way lower than the stock, so I'm going to have make up some brackets/spacers ... Read more >>
July 17, 2022 * 13 posts * 160 views
Sn95 matt said: So i put on a bunch of new parts msd cap and rotor, msd coil, new spark plug and spark plug wires and a new spout connecter and it still runs the same i also have a video of how ... Read more >>
July 17, 2022 * 6 posts * 73 views
b1pig said: The ball flanges were cut off. There's enough pipe left, I think a replacement flange kit will do what I need. We sort of have too many toys in the yard. We sold an old Harley ... Read more >>
July 18, 2022 * 5 posts * 19 views
Oakway9092 said: Hey y'all. I've been trying to dig around here to see if someone has a similar issue to my AC and I seem to reach the dead end of my knowledge. I have a 1997 V6 in which I replaced ... Read more >>
July 17, 2022 * 5 posts * 66 views
Monday said: Good question. There were no panels on the car. It's in a Wrecker's field. It has all the same electrics as mine - they are verts. So, I am assuming they are. I did manage to pull ... Read more >>
July 17, 2022 * 1 post * 16 views
SN95Newsletter said: Click here to view on the web Highlighted posts A/C blows hot air after replacing heater core (1996 GT) July 16, 2022 * 11 posts * 43 views 96-04 - 2V Specific Another Interior ... Read more >>
July 17, 2022 * 81 posts * 3,409 views
Michael Plummer said: What ttocs is offering sounds like a decent alternative from the junkyard. I can offer you two options but they are not the cheapest. 1. I can sell you a refurbished heater tube ... Read more >>

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