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Mar 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021 * 5 posts * 115 views
Cobra82 said: Yeah I've looked very hard at them and seen they did that. Sucks trying to chase down the wiring I needed to keep when doing this Holley terminator x kit I put on my turbo 95 cobra. ... Read more >>
March 31, 2021 * 2 posts * 19 views
Venompower said: I recently discovered a vacuum leak at the throttle body. There is a hole on the top of the throttle body that was apparently capped from Ford, well my cap is missing. I've tried ... Read more >>
April 01, 2021 * 1 post * 14 views
white95 said: Rolling shots? Drifting?? BURNOUTS!!?? Doesn't matter to me! Post one picture of you enjoying your pony in your own way and the winner gets a surprise. Read more >>
March 31, 2021 * 9 posts * 237 views
ttocs said: I did not comment because I was not for sure but I thought I read at one point that the collectors end in just a slightly different spot. If you use the fox body X/H-pipe it is ... Read more >>
April 01, 2021 * 15 posts * 407 views
ttocs said: its getting closer and I don't thing it doesn't look too bad. I am almost ready to install the leds and fire the show up. [link] Read more >>
March 31, 2021 * 54 posts * 1,219 views
Daryl said: [image] it's in place! I also drove down and picked up my original cast iron heads Andy crankshaft Read more >>

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