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Mar 31, 2021
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August 04, 2021 * 15 posts * 118 views
tinnocker said: I had to go look to see what I have bought. Still new in the box. The throttle body is a BBK 70MM for a 94/95 Mustang along with the BBK 76mm mass air meter for a 94'95'.. The ... Read more >>
August 04, 2021 * 16 posts * 104 views
tinnocker said: Since you are probably trying to get ever drop out of your tank, this wouldn't work. Years ago I saw on youtube a fellow stuffing rags around his gas pipe after he had installed ... Read more >>
August 04, 2021 * 5 posts * 46 views
Notthenow said: Thanks, I do have a non-cooler adapter. I took mine apart to change the inner o ring seals an found it was leaking because the body had a pinhole in it. The cooler portion was ... Read more >>
August 05, 2021 * 40 posts * 330 views
Daryl said: I was obviously disappointed after painting and was sure I'd have to write the paint off as rust protectant and start shopping for the caliper covers. But after putting the wheels ... Read more >>
August 04, 2021 * 2 posts * 37 views
dwcopple said: These were better when eBay sold them for $229.99-$259.99...just sayin' It's the same kit, just rebranded Read more >>
August 04, 2021 * 1 post * 4 views
SN95Newsletter said: Click here to view on the web Highlighted posts Old gas from a project long 8n the tooth. August 03, 2021 * 10 posts * 72 views 96-04 - 2V Specific Help an old man out. August ... Read more >>
August 04, 2021 * 11 posts * 354 views
Notthenow said: I had J&M rear uppers and lowers with their ball type urethane bushing and UPR aluminum press in sphericals in the housing. I also did weld in torque box brackets and had the MM ... Read more >>
August 04, 2021 * 34 posts * 760 views
joemomma said: ^ That's not a bad price for a Cobra hood, honestly. They are super hard to find, at least around here. I had been looking for several months when one finally popped up on FB Marketplace. ... Read more >>

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