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September 26, 2022 * 14 posts * 191 views
b1pig said: This is all dead right. Most conversion bulbs do not put the light source in the proper position to spread the light in the proper directions. Also a contributor to those ridiculous ... Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 10 posts * 65 views
1998MustangVert said: Hi everyone. I have a 98 V6 convertible. 132k miles. I currently have the factory automatic 4R70W in it and I want to convert to a T45. I have no issue flashing the PCM as a manual ... Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 9 posts * 82 views
Connie said: Hi guys. Connie and I do a LOT of Car Shows, and this might seem strange to some, but I was preparing my '03 GT this morning for Caffeine & Octane this weekend where we live. When ... Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 24 posts * 166 views
JPuehl said: I found a local yard (about 100 miles away) that had a wrecked '99 Cobra that still had the airtube but not the airbox, and it was delivered Friday. It barely fit with the Steeda ... Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 20 posts * 200 views
cobrajeff96 said: Black Cat Customs can make you new guage cluster overlays so that you can reference the needle to a real team. And Accutach (Mark Olson) did tell me that getting laser accuracy ... Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 33 posts * 263 views
Maximum95 said: Can confirm, 1995 is the same. Charcoal canister is in the passenger front fender. These guys pointing in the direction of the vapor valve and evap canister are on the correct ... Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 4 posts * 53 views
Michael Soldan said: Here is how to set base idle. 1 Disconnect neg terminal 2Disconnect AIV idle motor 3Reconnect neg terminal 4Start engine , set idle via stop screw 5Turn engine off 6Reconnect idle ... Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 38 posts * 580 views
Sn95 matt said: Its more of a save as much as i can but also not cut corners becuase thats when stuff goes wrong Read more >>
September 26, 2022 * 5 posts * 255 views
Connie said: This is Connie's husband Bob. I used to build Trannys. You said it happens AFTER the Car sits awhile. What happens when it sits is, the Fluid works it's way up to a higher level. ... Read more >>

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