How I spent my Friday night *video*


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Nov 16, 2006
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Not SN95 related in any way, but you guys are my brothers and I figured some of you may be Sabbath fans...

Luckily the camera girl (my girlfriend) managed to be at the perfect angle that for %90 of the video I'm hidden behind my buddy Kris the bass player, but I'm back there banging away making a good ol' rukkus on the drum set.


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In case you're wondering, I work for Disc Makers a CD and DVD manufacturing plant and this was DMPalooza a once per year gig where all the employees that work for Disc Makers and are in a band can come and play a quick 2 or 3 song set... then drink.... a lot

The other 3 guys in the video are fellow sales guys and we decided a few months ago that playing a few Sabbath songs would be bad ass for this gig, so we practiced a few times and what you just saw was the result.

Into the Void was first, then Children of the Grave... we're thinking it may be time for a little Pantera next year :banana: