How to shorten yer antenna

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  1. Alrighty then... quite simple... much cheaper then buyin one... and ya can make it any length ya want. (as long as its shorty than factory.

    Tools n Supplies

    1. an antenna that has the same diameter from top to bottom.(cant use the ones that have the "swirls" goin down)
    2.something that will pop the lil ball off the end (i used a pry bar, vise, and small hammer)
    3.something to cut yer antenna w/ (i used an airtool cause i'm lazy)
    4.a file (used a grinding wheel cause again, i'm lazy)
    5.spray paint... if ya want to paint it that is (i did despite being lazy)


    simple procedure...
    1. pop the ball off the end of the antenna... It should not be hard... the only thing holding it on is pressure... and beware... when it pops off it flies!
    2. well now yer gonna cut the antenna to length... you can use a some heavy duty snips, or or an air or electric cutter...
    3. file down the end a tit bit, just get all the barbs off and maybe even give it a bit of a taper.
    4. popped that son er bitch ball back on (if ya ever found it after it was removed, lol)
    5. paint it if a want... after drying put it back on...
    6. Say to yerself... "Yeh, I'm Awesome"

    For those of you that have a hard time w/ mechanical type shit... to remove the antenna ya have to TURN it... And remember, Righty tighty, lefty loosy...
  2. I wrote this here up awhile ago...

    You actually can use one of the swirly antennas... it'll just take some extra effort...

    You can do this mod in under 5 minutes... (unless you paint it, then the time it takes for paint to dry + 5 min)

    Its easy and free...

    Much better then buying a shorty antenna and waiting several days for shipping...
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    you could just use your stock antenna too.

    It's not like a stock antenna is gonna make your car worth more :)