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Jan 3, 2015
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Morning ladies and gents
well I bought myself a 5.0 I always wanted one and it was cheap I planned on fixing it of course. But I'm currently stumped
Currently the idle goes crazy when stopped, the car really wants to turn off. Of course i go to the main culprit the iac I replaced and it did help for awhile. Also I cleaned the maf and gave it new plugs. But it still has issues, it seems I have a vacuum leak and that's the last conclusion I have. But it's more like I think the hoses are put wrong because a hose under the intake manifold that goes to the pcv is missing, and the pcv has another hose already connected to it. So I've been told to just plug it but shouldn't there be another leak since it looks like I'm missing a hose straight up. I tried reading diagrams but I can't get it. I was wondering if anyone else has a 94 gt and willing to take some pics to see where all the vaccuum hoses go. I've done the key on and off test and it seems that car is running rich if that can help with solving my problem. Sorry for the long post just trying to solve my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it my hoses or could it be another problem.

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