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Jun 4, 2024
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I came to this forum for wisdom.

A year or so back I agreed to fix my brother-in-law’s 2002 GT 5 speed. The car previously belonged to my wife. It wasn’t clear what was going on when they asked for my help, but sounded like a timing chain issue. The car was in decent enough shape before it was turned over to him.

I picked up a good used Grand Marquis 2V and new head gaskets, timing chain set, coil packs, etc. Figured if I was pulling the old engine, might as well give the “new” one the best chance at a new life. Pulled the engine, k member, trans.

Then my brother in law told me he heard the engine making noise and got in the car while drunk and drove it around bouncing it off the rev limiter until it made even more noise. I lost interest in fixing the car for him, which maybe reflects poorly on me since I promised I’d help, but I realized that all his adult life people have been fixing his mistakes and doing the basic things that he should be doing, and I have better things to do than that - I have a full time job, multiple kids, and like 5 project cars of my own that I was putting aside to fix this car “to help him get back on his feet”. As it happens, his dad gave him a car shortly after I hit pause on the rebuild. He is 40, lives at home, and does not work even though his mom lost her job recently and her mortgage is at risk.

Enough about him. The car has been sitting in our garage for a year. I’m not sure what to do with it, and I would like input.

I could put it back together as a stock 2V, which is not very exciting to me for the effort involved, although it would be “free” except for my time (and I am not a very fast mechanic). We could sell it as is (this is not a solicitation for anyone here to buy it!), which seems like a waste/loss, and I’d have to put some effort into reinstalling the k member to roll it out of the garage anyway. I could put a truck coyote engine in it and not go for any hard launches that would kill the TR3650. I could put a Windsor motor in it, which is more interesting to me, but I’d need a different trans and k member, not to mention all the wiring issues involved (I do have an extra 351W available with the computer and so on). And finally I could commit the ultimate sin - install the freshly rebuilt LS1 that is sitting next to the Mustang - I was going to put that in another car but haven’t. Again, would need another trans, wiring, etc. Theoretically, I could even pull the 460 from my 90s F350 project and put it in the car, if I wanted something stupid (stupid fun?).

Would appreciate thoughts from anyone here.


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Jun 22, 2015
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Wow! Just, Wow! Lots of stuff to unpack here. I'm not going to give any advice, just say I feel for you dude and best of luck in whatever direction you go.


Feb 21, 2011
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Lawrenceburg Kentucky
Put back in what it was designed for. At least you can sell it as normal. I feel like a normal manufactured car would sell better than a half bread.

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