John D. or Cummins Turbos

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  1. Is anyone running a John Deere or Cummins turbo on their car? I have heard of guys using Cummins turbos off of the pickups and in this months hot rod a guy has a home built TT set up using John Deere T40b's. I am planning on doing a single turbo 351w in my car and am just gathering info at this time. The motor will probably go in my car this winter.
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    Apr 30, 2007
    Got a compressor map for either of said turbos?
  3. No that was my next question. The guy in hot rod magazine basically cobbled together his setup using T40b john deere turbos and he's using two of 'em. They are designed to be on a tractor running 30lbs of boost all day long on one turbo alone. He's using two turbos and he's only using 14 lbs of boost. Does anyone know where I can get compressor maps?