Just ordered full cx kit.. MAF question

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    Jun 7, 2020
    Hey guys,

    So I just ordered a full cx racing intercooler kit. Yes I have the 3” intercooler coming with it. Yes I know the bov it comes with sucks. Yes I know it’ll leave some power on the table. In the meantime I’m just rolling with it and getting it tuned. I’ve already spent a lot more on the car than I planned in one month of having it. That’s part of it I guess. I may go ahead and replace the bov. Anyway I’m looking to do a blow through set up and currently have an sct ba3000. I know not ideal, but really not looking to drop another $200+ for a slot style. Any Of you guys ran this MAF on a blow through set up? If so how was it? Also looking for a coupler solution at the throttle body. I can’t find an elbow couple reducer from 4.25” to 3”. You guys with FI what did you do here?
    Should I use the vortech pipe? See pic below. Thanks.

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    No one here is going to bash you for your build process or how much power you could or couldnt have. Have a great time hanging around here without ridicule!

    I dont think we have many s/c guys here, but thats not to say we dont. Someone will chime in with the info you seek.

    From what ive seen my friends go thru with s/c setups and maf sensors,....spend the money! Also look into the honey comb/air foil insert thingy thats installed in the pipe just before the maf sensor. Ive been told it makes a world of difference when tuning.