Kenne Bell

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    Nov 25, 2007
    I had a Kenne Bell 1500 with the Flowzilla inlet on my 95 a few years ago with the Cobra intake and GT40 heads.

    Torque was insane as previously stated but it was a heat pump. If you do decide to go the KB route, invest in a meth kit. The AFM setup is awesome and cost half of what the snow performance kit runs.

    I also had a 92 with an S-trim and I would take the centrifugal blower each and everytime. Why?

    You here people say oh the boost isn't instant with the centrifugal blah blah blah..

    Most people don't realize that..

    1.) no one launches at idle.

    2.) a car will rev to ~2800-3000 rpm from idle in no time.

    3.) too much torque at an instant will hurt more than anything..No traction sucks, period. By the time you get traction, your opponent is gone :angry7:.