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Jan 25, 2007
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Capon Bridge, WV
So i have been a member to the site for awhile, but its been nearly 9 years since i last visited and forgot the password to my previous username (Thomas_W), so here i am with a ingenious new username. Lol

The last stang was a 96GTS that was fully built, single turbo and a blast. I never got any videos or dyno numbera with thay car before a new job forced its sale. The new owner reported back some dissappointing news a few months later. When it was being converted to fast XFi, the timing map was messed up and effectively ruined the long block. So it was undergoing some crazy mods (i need to touch base and see if it was ever finished).

Fast forward to now and i found a local project car that was pretty far along (at first glance) and is proving to be just like a red head. so i have nicknamed it "red headed 3v swap" bc its current nicknames aren't appropriate in public. Lol

so... The mod list as it sits:

2008 4.6 3v swap
03/04 cobra TB
Lightning MAF
CLT inlet elbow
Steeda charge motion delete plates
MMR coolant crossover delete
MMR inline thermostat housing
160* thermostate
SVE aluminum radiator
Ford racing blue valve covers
Ford racing shorty headers
O/R X pipe
SLP loudmouth catback
aluminum clutch quadrant
spec stage 1 clutch
MSD 2 step launch control
Aluminum driveshaft
4:10 gears
Yukon locker
Summit Upper/Lower rear control arms
Strange 10way shocks/struts
strange rear coilovers
4bolt C/C plates
Eibach pro front springs
Trunk mount Battery relocation
Optima yellow top
03/04 cobra front bumper
4" Cowl hood
17x9 and 17x10.5 Fr500 rims
nitto drag radials
Aem wideband O2 sensor
hid headlight bulbs
diablosport predator
Cobra front brakes
8.8 Diff cover/brace

pretty decent list of mods for a $4,000 car. BUT theres a bunch of little stuff that is wrong that just shows the car was neglected and abused, so here is that list:

multiple interior parts dont match or are broken
parking brake mount ponts were ripped out of the floor ( WTH?)
Lots of wiring needs cleaned up
front bumper is held on with 4 screws
headlights old and ratty
dented roof panel (crappy hood)
poorly repaired fiberglass hood (i may fix if.. Not sure yet)
dented right rear quarter
hood needs painted
worn seats
leaking radiator
bad power steering pump
needs a dyno tune
no functional seat belts

so that is where the car is, definitely a long way to go to get it how i want it, so this will be a slow going process, broken up in stages, as follows:

First stage:

install seat belts (ordered)
mount front bumper: (a previous owner cut all the tabs for the fender mounts off, so in prep for a later mod (and to save $280) i'll be attaching the bumper with dzus quick release fasteners)
repair and repaint hood
repair body panels
replace radiator
replace power steering pump
fix some interior parts
adjust driver/passenger window stops
cleanup engine bay wiring
cleanup interior wiring
build a new CAI
replace (trade) the catback for something less obnoxiously loud

This stage will basically get the car to a point where i can drive it.

Second stage:
This is to prep the car for the third stage, which will be pretty fun :)

battle boxes
through the floor subframe connectors
steeds 4bolt C/C plates
front coilovers
Rear Upper/Lower control arms
Tubular K member and A arms
Corbeau A4 seats
6point roll bar (maybe)
sumped gas tank
return style fuel system
31spline axles
C clip eliminators
welded axle tubes
31spline locker or spool

Third stage:
Twin turbo setup (probably CGfab headers with everything else DIY)
built short block (unless i decide to do a 4v swap, then it'l be a long block)

Anyways, that is the plan. Im mostly waiting on parts to show up so i can get rolling. It'll still be slow going as ive got alot of side jobs going on right now.


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Nov 23, 2015
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Welcome back! Great looking new edge and of course that 3v swap. You can get big #s from those engines

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Oct 21, 2012
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Welcome back! [MENTION=17876]DeepList[/MENTION] might be able to help you out with your old account.


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Nov 29, 2015
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Farmington MO
Welcome back from a newer guy. That list is insane bro hellyeah!

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