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Discussion in 'Nominations and Voting' started by Orange 94, May 3, 2015.

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    Time to vote for May ROTM; Best Engine





    03/04 cobra short block, custom fly cut
    Light port work 99 Windsor heads
    Comp cams xe278ah cams
    Btr .550 lift springs
    Btr chromoly retainers
    Cloyes hex-a-just cam gears
    Arp head studs
    Trickflow valve covers, custom ford blue wrinkle
    Edelbrock victor junior intake
    Edelbrock low profile 90mm elbow
    Edelbrock 90 mm fox throttlebody
    Edelbrock fuel rails
    Siemens deka ev1 80# injectors
    All custom fuel lines from rear fuel filter
    Aeromotive 340 stealth intank pump

    Custom log manifolds (built by me)
    Custom unequal length up pipe (built by me)
    Custom 4" down pipe with race bullet (built by me)
    Borg Warner s366 .91/.79
    Synapse 40mm wastegate
    Jgs 50mm race bov
    Cxracing 1000hp a2w intercooler
    Custom 3" intercooler piping (built by me)

    Ram street strip twin disc
    Stock t45
    Ford racing aluminum driveshaft
    Hurst straight back handle and shifter

    Upr kmember
    Prothane lower control arm bushings
    Prothan rack and pinion bushings
    Strange engineering fox 10way shocks
    Cut front springs
    Eibach rear drag springs
    Maximum motorsports weight jacker rear lower control arms
    Sve rear upper control arms
    Prothane upper axle housing bushings
    Upr sub frame connectors

    Enkei rpf1 17x9.5 (streets)
    Weld ultra light 16x8 / 15x3.5





    I bought this car with the intentions of having fun with it like most plan to do when they buy a mustang. I was coming from a 700 hp terminator to this stock non pi 200 hp mustang so it was a hard transition for me lol! So originally i was planning to drag race this sn95 then i got into auto-x to try something different and it turned out i had way more fun than i did drag racing so i decided this car would be a grip car instead of straight line. Started modding it with budget used parts at the time. Got my 4v swap for a good deal as well and iwas tearing it up at the local auto-x events.Then I then discovered drifting. The way the cars slide, smoking tires, high rpms, tandeming with eachother so close, the smell of exhaust and fuel and did i mention tire smoke? lol! It was drifting and that was the goal, i dropped everything for drifting at that point and that has been the direction of this car. The suspension has been upgraded to more serious heavy duty high performance stuff for this type of driving and i have some stuff that is different from the normal mustangs out there from thecustom front suspension for more steering angle to the rear mounted radiator in the trunk to the custom tubular front and rear end bash bar setups to the hydraulic handbrake. This car has been my biggest project and even though its not the 700 hp terminator i once had i have to admit even pushing at 500 hp this car is way more fun and has been my favorite mustang of the 12 that i have owned.

    My mod list

    Make & Model: Ford Mustang GT
    Year: 1998
    Engine: 2003 Mach 1 Modular DOHC 4.6 4v
    Power Adder: Vortech Supercharger

    Power Mods:
    -Vortech SI V3 Supercharger
    -Vortech 3.33 sc Pulley
    -CX Racing Custom Air to Air Intercooler
    -K&N air filter
    -PMAS HPX Slot style MAF
    -Turbosmart Big Bubba BOV
    -BBK twin 65mm TB
    -Paul's High Performance Intake Manifold Spacer
    -Custom Y-pipe
    -Straight pipe exhaust with 4 inch outlet
    -NGK BR7EF Spark plugs
    -Torco SR-1 10w-30

    Fuel Mods:
    -FRPP 39lb Injectors
    -Twin Walbro GSL392 external fuel pumps
    -Summit Racing 12 gallon fuel cell
    -D2Z Performance Fuel Cell insulated heat shield box
    -G&J fuel line

    Cooling Mods:
    -Mishimoto Gen 2 Aluminum Radiator
    -Forged Racing dual fan shroud kit
    -On3 Performance Head Cooling Mod
    -On3 Performance Coolant crossover delete
    -Lucas Super Coolant Additive

    -Tremec T-56 Speed Trans
    -AJE T-56 Crossmember
    -Mccloed Billet Steel Throwout Bearing Retainer Sleeve
    -Mccloed Scatter Shield Bellhousing
    -Spec Stage 3 Clutch
    -Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter
    -FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
    -FRPP 31 Spline Traction lock differential -Welded Spider gears-
    -FRPP 4.10 Gears
    -Superior 31 Spine Hardened Axles
    -Torco Trans fluid
    -Torco SGO(gear oil)

    Braking Mods:
    -Front brakes: 13 inch Cobra brakes
    -R1 Concepts 13 Inch Cross Drilled Slotted Rotors
    -Hawk HPS brake pads
    -Rear brakes: 11.65 inch Cobra Brakes
    -Rear Secondary brakes: 11.65 inch Cobra Brakes
    -R1 Concepts 11.65 Inch Cross Drilled Slotted Rotors
    -Hawk HPS brake pads
    -G&J Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

    Suspension Mods:
    -Modified Steering Rack(Rack Stops removed)
    -Maximum Motorsports Steering Shaft
    -Maximum Motorsports Adj Caster/Camber plates
    -Bilstien Shocks & Struts
    -UPR Coilovers Hypercoil Sport Springs
    -Goddard Custom Front control arms
    -Goddard Bumpsteer kit
    -Energy Suspension Sway Bar End Links
    -Maximum Motorsports TA Springs
    -Maximum Motorsports XD adj LCA's
    -Maximum Motorsports Adj Panhard Bar
    -Maximum Motorsports Torque Arm
    -Cobra Rear Sway Bar
    -Kenny Brown Front Sway bar

    Chassis Mods:
    -Maximum Motorsports Solid Motor Mounts
    -Maximum Motorsport 4pt K-brace
    -Maximum Motorsports 4pt Roll Bar with custom door bars
    -Maximum Motorsports Front Strut tower brace
    -Maximum Motorsports Subframe reinforcements
    -Kenny Brown Rear Strut Tower brace
    -Kenny Brown Subframe Connectors
    -D2Z performance tubular front bash bar
    -D2Z performance tubular front support brace
    -D2Z performance tubular rear bash bar
    -RaceQuip tow straps

    Interior Mods:
    -Corbeau FX1 Racing seats
    -Crow 5 pt Harnesses
    -Grip Royal Royal Jack Steering wheel
    -ASD Hydraulic Handbrake
    -Raptor Shift Light
    -Carbon Driven carbon fiber cluster bezel
    -Autometer Boost Gauge
    -Autometer Water Temp Gauge
    -Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
    -Moroso Switch Panel
    -D2Z performance radiator hose insulated heat sheild

    Exterior Mods:
    -Cobra Front Bumper
    -Cobra Rear Bumper
    -Trufiber 3 inch Cowl Induction Hood
    -Saleen S281 rear spoiler
    -Carbon Driven carbonfiber cowl panel
    -Custom lexan rear window & Radiator duct setup

    Wheel & tires:
    -STR Racing 514's
    -18x8.5 Front
    -18x10 Rear
    -Falken Azenis RT615K 245/40/18 & 275/35/18




    Engine Build:

    281ci bored .20
    Manley 18cc Pistons
    Manley H beam Rods
    Cobra crank
    ARP 2000 hardware
    MMR Stage 3 PI heads
    Bullet Racing custom grind blower cams
    Edelbrock port matched Victor Jr. EFI manifold
    6061 plenum with Accufab 75mm throttle body

    Power Adder setup:
    Vortech V7 JT trim
    IW 10% overdrive Crank pulley
    GI Joe 8 rib conversion
    Thump Racing Tensioner
    Paxton FMIC
    AIS 3 gallon trunk mount meth setup

    Fuel system:
    GP 1000 hp fuel system
    Edelbrock Rails




    WAP aluminum block 0.02 over.
    Forged rods and pistons with cast crank
    ARP main studs
    Ported PI heads by myself
    MMR stage 2 turbo cams
    Edelbrock Vic Jr intake
    Holley 650
    MSD ignition box
    150 wet shot.

    I've had the car for about 5 years and has become a great hobby for my future wife and myself. We built the motor together in the garage we are getting married in, and surprisingly it is still running!!


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    Voted. Good luck to all the nomzzz
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    Tough choice this month. All very deserving!
  5. Michael Plummer

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    Another tough lineup but this time it's about engines, so let's break it down.

    Wichers123: Lots of custom work, fabrication of parts from the owner and the engine looks like it means business. Very sorry to read about the engine troubles and hope you can get it back on the road soon.

    Vortec4v: Auto-X and now drifting. I can only dream of ever trying to do that stuff much less than doing it but you are, so congrats.
    I looked at your mod list and said this car should be in a suspension theme ROTM but I took a closer look and saw this car has more than enough power and modifications in that engine bay to be a serious threat to this month's ROTM.

    Punched281: How can you not be touched by his wonderful story. This car has played a part in his relationship with his wife to be......good luck with the wedding. Love the throw back carburetor, nice mods and neat.

    97stanger: I made it no secret that this was my choice from the beginning. Heck, I nominated the SOB, but I can't seem to put it into words, this engine bay is flat out nice. He has He-Man like POWER, and great aesthetics. All the ingredients for what I believe to be a good representation of this month's ROTM. Great job.
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    wetaskiwin alberta
  8. Orange 94

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    Close round.
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